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Black Businesses from Back in the Day from Pete Sims:

Alexandria Barber, Cleaning & Pressing
Liberty Street

Amos Chicken Shack
Liberty Street

Andrews Funeral Home
Hill Street / East Main Streets

Barnes Radio service
1444 South Jackson

Grady Brown Hotel
Cook Street????

Bucket of Blood

L. B. Burks, Tailor
Liberty Street

Calluns Grocery
731 South Smith Street

Candley Grocery
Hawthrone Street

Coats of Colanthis Lodge Hall
Liberty Street

The Continential Club
Liberty Street

Edward Cutler,Sr. Grocery
Liberty Street

Della Beauty Salon
805 E&B

Delphin Liquors
800 Hawthrone

Delphin Tea Room
Hawthrone Street

Dillion Hotel
Liberty Street

Dixie Shining Parlor
Liberty Street

Dixie Barber Shop
Liberty Street

Donnie Cafe
Hill Street

Do-Right Cleaners
1215 East Hillsboro

Dr. Dunning
Xxxx Columbia

El Dorado Victrola & Bicycle Shop Repair
Liberty Street

Ernestine’s Beauty Parlor
1315 Raymond Street

Fairview Beauty Shop
818 Barnes

Family Grocery
1511 North Quaker

52-20 Club
Liberty Street

Finley Cleaners
603 South Quacker

Ford Tailors
315 Hill Street

Freeman Grocery
E&B Street

Gafford Service Station
Cook Street

Grant’s Cafe
227 Liberty

Greystone Court Apartments
Cordell Street

Green Hotel
305 South Hill Street

John A. Grimble Barber Shop
336 Liberty

Flossie Hawthrone Grocery
Norsworthy Street

Farris Grocery
807 Ouachita

Henderson Grocery
1317 East First

M. Henderson Taxi
East 1st Street

Huntley Grocery
1116 Raymond Street

Ingram’s Chicken Shack Restaurant
Liberty Street

Ingram’s Hotel
331 Liberty

Ingram’s Pool Hall
Liberty Street

King Grocery
Barnes Street

Leader Grocery
320 South Washington

Rance Lee’s Grocery Store
Texas Street

Liberty Hotel
Liberty Street

Liberty Street Barber Shop
Liberty Street

Liberty Street Cafe
Liberty Street

Log Cabin Beauty Parlor
812 Hawthrone

Magic Mirror Barber Shop
Hill Street / East Hillsboro

Viola Smith Massey’s Beauty Shop
Hamond & Arkansas

Mason’s Grocery & Market
805 Ouachita Street

McElroy Radio Shop
804 West 5th Street

McGhee’s Grocery
Ouachita Street

E. McGraw’s Tea Room
820 Hawthrone

Mildred’s Beauty Shop
1213 East 1st

Lonnie Mitchell’s Confectionery
220 Liberty Street

Mitchell’s Hotel
Cordell Street

Mitchell’s Photography Studio
E&B & California Streets

Moore’s Grocery
Cordell Street

Moore’s Cash Grocery
618 Lincoln Street

Momom’s Barber Shop
Hill Street

Morgan Grill
Douglas Addition

Morning Star Grocery
North College

Phil Nelson Cafe

The New York Cafe
Liberty Street

Norman Grocery
800 Spring

Nunley Tarven
819 Hawthrone

Kathleen Parker Grocery Store
Hammond & Arkansas Street

Dallas Patterson’s Barber Shop
Smith and E&B Streets

Payne Barber Shop
501 Kinard

T. Payne Service Station
Cook Street

People’s Beauty Salon
South Pelham Street

The Plaza
Liberty Street

The Plaza Cafe
Liberty Street

Curtis Polk’s Garage
1000 Hawthrone

Poro Hotel
Liberty Street

Powell Drive Inn
Cordell Street

Dr. Rainey
Hill Street????

Joe Rucker’s Grocery Store
Norsworthy & Hawthrone

Sanders Cleaners/Tailors
618 South Washington

The Savoy Theater
624 N West Ave

Shine Taxi Company
Liberty Street

Sims Cafe
626 North West Ave.

Sims Mortuary
423 Liberty Street

Sims Music Store
Locust Street

Sims Pool Hall
Liberty Street

Sims Wood Yard
Liberty Street

Sister’s Place
218 Liberty

Small Town Barber Shop
Hill Street

Smith Ave Tea Room
706 South Smith

K.D.  Smith Grocery
905 E&B

O.G. Smith Grocery
Cook Street

Snow Cafe
Liberty Street

Southern Cafe
Southfield Road

St. Louis Inn Cafe
Liberty Street

St. Louis Pool Hall
Liberty Street

J.F. Swell Barber Shop
426 Northwest Ave

G. E. Vanhook Real Estate
303 South Hill

E. W. Walker Barber Shop
426 Northwest Ave

Wilbert Wood Yard
Nelson Street

C.P. Williams’ Grocery Store
E&B Street

P. William’s Taxi
1209 East 1st Street

Young’s Confectionery
309 South Hill

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