El Dorado Days 2014

It is time to plan your arrival back home. For those at home, prepare to welcome back our family and friends! The events are scheduled to begin on Thursday, July 3 through Sunday, July 6. As usual, we will be at the American Legion. The memorial service will be at First Baptist Church on Sunday, July 6, at 4:00 p.m. Robert Riley, class of

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Howdy . . .  Howdy . . .  Howdy . . .  To all, I am working on a project with T. C. Williams, Jr. and Larry Ruffin that will bring members of the bands at WHS and EHS for a reunion and to honor Messrs. Brewster and Graham (See Larry’s note below).   We are needing your help with this.  We are needing names, USPS

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Visit Often

Check back often for the latest updates on events concerning El Dorado. You might find a note posted by one of your old friends that you had lost contact. You can leave your contact information at the bottom of this article by posting a comment.