Days in El Dorado

El Dorado Days Events

Friday – June 29, 2012                                   9:30   – American Legion,  M Man, DJ Saturday – June 30, 2012                              9 :30  – American Legion,  Moony Man, DJ Sunday – July 1, 2012                                     3:30   – St. James Baptist Church, Memorial Service Sunday – July 1, 2012                                     9:30  – American Legion, Moony Man, DJ- Monday – July

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Disregard the rumors!  El Dorado Days is on!  The Advertising &  Promotion Commission did reject the application for financial support this year based on some false information:  they said it was a class reunion and closed to the public.  They said the  application lacked a detailed budget.  All of this was rebutted in a letter sent to the commission.  David Ross, Decomer Cameron and

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WHS Band Reunion

Attention Former WHS Band Members: Please gather at the former WHS on July 2, 2012 at 1:00.  In honour of our former band directors:  Artis Brewster and Morris Graham,  we will have our first Band Reunion.  Bring your instrument and we will attempt to play our alma mater once again.  Do you think we can still do this?   Contact:   [email protected]    or

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Our Mailing List

Become part of our ever-expanding mailing list.  Get updates on the El Dorado Homecoming  celebrations as soon as it happens.  To join, please send us your name, year of graduation, email address and other information you would like to share to:  [email protected] .   Once again, we are so happy you found the time to spend with us, and we hope to see you at home soon.  


Welcome to the web page of the El Dorado Days.   We hope you find this web page informative and helpful.  It is our desire to assist you in every possible way so you can join us doing our reunions.   Do make it a habit of browsing around frequently because new information is being received and updated regularly.  There are articles for you to read

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El Dorado Days

Most schools have class reunions. However, in El Dorado, we are fortunate to have both class reunions and a town reunion. Every even year, make plans to return home to fellowship with family and friends for the El Dorado Homecoming during the July 4th week.